Oh yes, it is summer!  And if you are from the Lakes Region of NH, that means lots and lots of swimming!  For the past two years Cameron has taken swim lessons at the lake.  This year is our first year in Gilford and so far we are loving it.  The beach is huge and there are 8 lifeguards giving lessons.

Cameron absolutely loves swim lessons!  He is such a social creature and he really enjoys meeting new people and making friends.  He is getting very comfortable in the water.  He can swim if he goes all the way under water and he swims with a life jacket.  He still does not trust that his body will stay above water when he is swimming though.

This year is Olivia's first year of beach swim lessons and so far so good.  Someone once tried to tell me that if I spend too much time with my kids they will become needy and attached.  Well I am here to tell you that this is not true.  I wore Olivia in a sling from the day she was born until well after she was a year old.  She was never in a stroller on my watch, always attached to me.  She has been sleeping in our bed since the day she was born.  Well, on her first day of swim lessons she held my hand and asked me to run with her, and I did.  After that, though, she took off with the class and only looked back to smile and wave.

I love swim lessons!  Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. Who ever would say something like that? It is like when people say you can "spoil" a baby....puh-lease!

    I say those kiddos in action at the beach and they are fishies for sure!


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