WIP Wednesday - February Lady Sweater

The local weather forecast on Sunday evening called for rain all week.  Imagine my surprise to find the sun shining for the past two days!  I seized the opportunity to take the kids out in our yard to play.  I also seized the opportunity to do some knitting!

A couple months ago I searched Ravelry for a sweater pattern... wait for it... for me!!!! Yes, a sweater for me.  The first sweater in the list was the February Lady Sweater.  It was the most popular, had wonderful reviews and it was FREE!  I didn't even browse for any more patterns, I just hit print.  And there the pattern sat, for two months.  I had dreams of going to the yarn store and selecting some luxury yarns with which to knit my sweater.

A few weeks ago I finally made it to the store.  After some quick calculations I realized I could buy the yarn or two weeks worth of groceries.  I chose the groceries.  I'm such a great Mom! :)

Trying to make myself feel better about our financial woes, I told myself it's my first sweater, I'll work my way up to the good stuff.  I'm planning on wearing the sweater to work on the days that it's chilly inside, so I chose Cascade in a charcoal color.

It's knitting up pretty quickly and I'm liking how it looks so far!  Can't wait to finish it.  Hopefully while it's still cool outside so I can enjoy it.


  1. Did you just wish for cool weather? Shame on you! : ) Just kidding!

    I haven't picked up my needles in over 2 months because I made a mistake and I need to take some time to fix it and I just haven't made the time!

    Can't wait to see the final product! I'm sure it'll be great!

  2. I have seen this sweater on a few other blogs (soulemama and what did she do today) and even downloaded the pattern... but I'm still scared to start it! I've never done a sweater for myself but I love how this one looks... and I hope I get the courage to try it one day soon! Can't wait to see how yours comes out!


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