Wilkinson-Beane Funeral Home

No, this is not a post about a funeral home.  That is the name of Cameron's T-Ball team.  Awesome!!!

Cameron is absolutely loving t-ball and I am absolutely loving watching him love t-ball.  He's so stinkin' cute.  Today was adorable beyond words!  The coach tells him to go play second base.  Cameron gets excited and starts running, then turns around and says, "Over here?"

He has the ready stance down.  We practiced at home.  Can you tell?  If you are wondering where his glove is, the first half of practice was spent using kick balls.  


His mouth always seems to be open.  He had better watch out during black fly season!

Eventually the coach will get to the part about how they are all on the same team and it doesn't matter who gets the ball first, as long as someone gets it!  But for now it makes for some pretty good laughs!

On the sidelines, Grampa taught Olivia how to do jumping jacks.  She also watched Cameron play ball for about 22 seconds before she got bored and made Grampa chase her around the field. 

Opening Day is April 24th.  Family and friends, come watch the parade through downtown and join us at the field for Cam's first game vs. Laconia Firefighters (not the actual firefighters, but the team sponsored by them, as if I had to explain that!)


  1. Ok...that's really really cute stuff! I love it...we'll have to come cheer his team on when he has a game!

  2. I love these shots Amanda, so cute!

  3. I love that they are practicing with kickballs! What a good idea! This way he'll have such a good idea of the fudamentals of the game.
    I'm sad- Londonderry doesn't start Tball until 5 years old, no exceptions which we have to wait until next year! Oh well..

    Love the one of Cameron "in position". So cute!


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