Celebrating Easter

Sunrise Service at Weirs Beach was absolutely gorgeous this past Easter Sunday.  The day could not have been more perfect.  I cannot remember an Easter Sunrise Service where I did not have to wear my warmest coat and mittens!  I have been attending a sunrise service for as far back as I have memories.  My favorites include the time my youth group reenacted the death and resurrection of Christ and playing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" on my (very cold) trumpet.

This is how my Easter Sunday 2010 began...

It was a warm and beautiful morning.  I didn't even feel badly about having to work all day!

More beauty greeted me upon my arrival home.

The kids were pretty excited about their Easter baskets.
I shopped locally, and even bought NH made chocolates.  
I mean, the Easter Bunny shopped locally and bought NH
made chocolates!

The kids were not as excited about breakfast.
My Mom made some delicious stratas, but it looked
weird to the kids, so they turned their noses up at it.  
Especially Evelyn :)

We had an Easter egg hunt before I had to leave for work.  
The kids had a whole lot of fun.
My Mom (I mean the Easter Bunny) marked all the eggs
with everyone's names to make sure they all got even amounts.
Whenever Olivia found one of Cameron or Evelyn's she would
yell for them or run over and put it in their basket.  Cameron 
was a big helper to the little kids.

At 9:10 a.m. it was time for me to go to work.  I set
my camera on auto mode for the first time ever and
put it in the capable hands of my hubby.  There were other
instructions, but they were ignored.  Oh well!

Here are some of my favorite moments that I missed:

Olivia showing off her dainty side!

Mmmmm, chocolate!

Being his second hunt of the day, Cameron was pretty good at it
from what I hear.  Damien took a bunch of photos of Cam not 
quite able to reach the egg on the door.  Then, a light bulb went on
and he hit the door with his hand to shake the egg loose.
Kindergarden screening is going to have nothing on him!

Getting them all to smile and look at the camera at the same
time is getting harder and harder, but I like these shots better anyway!

Close up!  Look at those beautiful brown eyes on Cole!

We can always count on bubbles in the Sevin family Easter Baskets!
And we were so blessed to have beautiful weather this weekend, perfect
for bubble making.

Work wasn't so bad.  I missed being with my family, but I was with
my work family.  My fantastic, wonderful work family!  We shared
food and laughter, helped each other, and took care of other families.
I even went into the bathroom to help a fellow Mommy remove
a tick from her little boy's head.  I waited on my parents, brothers, SIL
and niece.  I waited on my former boss from 9-1-1.  

I had a wonderful, happy, love-filled Easter!  

Up from the grave He arose, 
with a mighty triumph o'er his foes!

Hallelujah!  Christ arose!


  1. Happy Easter to you! We certainly missed you but glad you had a great day! I LOVE that photo of Evelyn turning her nose up at the breakfast table. That is priceless!

  2. Your Easter looked fantastic! I absolutely love the "dainty Olivia" pictures.. only a Dad could capture those so perfectly!!


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