You may have noticed that my blog has undergone some changes.  I'm a big fan of crisp, clean white backgrounds.  I am still working on new headers and other features, so stay tuned.

Also, a new feature is my linkbar at the very top of the page.  My handmades, favorite tutorials and blog roll pages can be easily accessed there.  Less clutter on the right and easier to maintain.  Again, there is more work to be done, but I am happy for now with my clean, white blog.

I have also added "What's Cookin'" to my right column.  I have been inspired by my friend Renee over at Mitchell Mayhem and am back to trying my hand at meal planning.  I was really good at it this summer when I only had my family members to care for.  My weeks get hectic during the school year, but I have found that I have got to make the time to plan ahead.  Not only is planning ahead easier on our budget, but it makes our days go more smoothly.  Thanks for the inspiration, Renee (I am a fan of giving credit where credit is due :)

Today I pureed broccoli, sweet potatoes, squash and cauliflower to add to the meals that are listed on the right.  I would like to imagine that my kids get their daily intake requirements of vegetables, but I know that this is not the case.  I will still offer the vegetables as a side dish, but it can't hurt to hide some additional ones in their food, can it? 

Tonight is homemade pizza night.  I have instructed my darling hubby to layer sweet potato puree on the crust before putting the sauce on.  I don't think the kids will even notice.  We'll see!


  1. Thanks for the "credit". I really appreciate it (wink and a smile).

    No one at my house likes grilled cheese and tomato soup, so I'll be over on 2/2!

  2. Oh, i like chicken divan too!


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