Health Kits for Haiti

I grew up in the United Methodist Church.  Well, technically it was the Epping Community Church, but we had mostly Methodist ministers and my family is Methodist.  Our new church, now that my parents live close by, is the the United Methodist Church in Gilford.  I am finding my faith again and my children are getting the church experience that I loved as a child, teenager and young adult.

The United Methodist Church is very active in the relief efforts in Haiti. UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) has always provided relief effort in Haiti, not just in wake of this recent earthquake.  Because they are an established relief organization, I feel very comfortable donating my time and money to UMCOR.  UMCOR suffered loss in the Haiti earthquake.  The UMCOR relief effort began right away in spite of this.

Our church, and probably most UMCs, are helping by creating health kits to be sent to Haiti.   The contents of these health kits are as follows:

one hand towel
one wash cloth
one bar of soap in package
one toothbrush in package (adult size)
one comb
one nail clipper (not emery boards)
six bandaids
one dollar bill to purchase a tube of toothpaste

All of these items need to be placed in a one gallon sealed plastic storage bag.  Do not add anything else.  No notes, no candy, nothing.  Please visit the health kit link at UMCOR for more details.

Olivia shopped with Nana and I.  She paid attention during the children's sermon at church.  I asked her what we needed to get and she said, "Toothbrush, washcloth, soap..."  I asked who they were for and she said, "Church lady."  We spent $29.32 and purchased enough items to make six health kits.  Cameron put the kits together all by himself.  He really wanted to put toys in there, but I told him there were rules and that maybe later there will be a need for toys.  Right now these kits are what the 3 million+ people in Haiti need.

We brought our kits to church today. 


  1. You really have very generous, giving children. It says alot about your parenting. xoo

  2. What an awesome thing to do, especially with your children. Sometimes we question whether or not we should get our children involved in "worldly affairs", but I think it's important to teach them as young as possible how to care for those in need. Even though the devastation in Haiti is beyond comprehension, it has given everyone an opportunity to stop and help out however they can if they so choose to.


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