Bunny Family

This sweet little family of bunnies has taken up residency at Charlotte's house, my niece who just turned two yesterday.  I know that Charlotte will take good care of them and give them the love that they deserve!

Cameron and Olivia were very excited about the creation process of these bunnies.  These bunnies are very special as they were created using yarn given to me by a friend from work.  She found this yarn for free at a swap shop, and knowing how much I love to knit, she grabbed it up for me along with about 30 other balls of thrifted yarn.

Each time a bunny was finished the kids would snatch it up and start playing with it immediately.  The last two bunnies were created with help from both kids.  Olivia helped stuff the bunnies and Cameron helped to make the tails.  Of course, as with all things that the kids see me create, they would both like a bunny family of their very own.  I will honor their request as soon as I am finished making their fingerless mittens :)

On the morning of Charlotte's birthday party, the kids could not wait to package up the bunny family and give it to the birthday girl.  We used a shoe box we had saved and a paper shopping bag from our stash.  Cameron stamped little animals on the paper and the frugal gift was wrapped in the most frugal way!  Cameron, my sweet and generous big boy, wondered out loud where Cole's gift was.  I tried to explain that it was Charlotte's birthday and that we would make a gift for Cole this summer, but Cameron would not accept that.  He went into his play room and found two cars.  Then, he had Olivia stamp a gift bag and bingo! a gift for Cole.

The two excited little kiddos paused for a photo before we got in the car for the "loooooooong" (Cameron's words) drive to Cole and Charlotte's house.

I love these kids!!!!

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