Today Cameron enjoyed his 2nd sled dog race right here in town. I feel blessed to live in an area that has so much to offer for outdoor fun during every season! This year, Cameron's cousin Cole got to race too! Grammy and Paw Paw have some serious connections!

We got to the start area early and the kids enjoyed some time playing in the snow.

Olivia and Cameron met their musher, Rachel and got to sit in the sled before the race. Olivia should be big enough next year to get her very own musher, sled and cute little doggie.

We brought Cam's bicycle helmet to wear, but it did not fit over his hat. One of Rachel's friends let Cameron use her ski helmet, which, as you can see, was a little big, but it did the job. He had trouble holding his head up, but at least his precious noggin was safe and his head was warm!

And they're off!

Rachel, Cameron, Cole and Lindsay (?) I'm horrible, I forget her name. Both girls were so sweet and wonderful with the boys.

Olivia and Grammy. Olivia was pretty tired as this race takes place exactly at nap time.

Cole receives his trophy from Miss Lakes Region, Alicia Rossman.

Cameron receives his trophy.

The boys waited patiently while everyone else received their trophies.

The boys and Miss Lakes Region.


  1. Cameron and Cole cracked me up as they were waiting for their trophies- I think they were like, what is going on- they are such good little boys! : )

  2. We are so jealous! That looks like a riot! Eli and I would both love to ride some day.

  3. I am so sad we missed seeing Cameron on the sled! Too cute!


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