What Have We Been Up To?

It seems it is the month for blog slackers! Taking the lead from some of my fellow bloggers, I am posting about where I have been since early November! So busy, so busy!

This week has been filled with sickness and trips to the doctor. Cameron got the flu, Olivia may have had the flu or just a cold. Benji had double ear infections and Kendall had pneumonia! Yikes! But I am happy to report that we are on the healing end of things now.

My most significant accomplishments this week are:

1. I finished my Christmas cards.
2. I rid the playroom of all plastic toys (with the exception of a select few) and am looking forward to a plastic-free, China-free, natural and handmade Christmas this year!
3. I finished one of about 10 knitting/sewing projects that have to be completed before Christmas!
4. I blogged (well, not yet, but that's what I'm doing right now)

So, read on. There is a big update below, and thanks for reading!


  1. Okay, I managed to read through all of your posts before any of my children found out where I was!! :) So, great pictures...your kids are just adorable. It's great when they get to an age where they are able to be out and about and active. I forgot how hard it is to travel with really tiny ones when you have older ones. Anyway, it looks like you've had an exciting holiday season so far. Now all we need is a white Christmas!

    It was so nice seeing you the other night, and I had a wonderful time chatting with your husband. He's very easy to talk to! :)

  2. He is a very special guy, thank you! I feel so lucky to have found him :)

    We had a great time as well, and look forward to more get-togethers in the future!

  3. Your plastic throw-away is a great plan! We chucked a bunch last week but need to do more before Christmas. I can't believe we're about to get More toys! Augghh, stuff.

  4. My SIL read somewhere a great plan for gifts to minimize the amount. Only four presents per child, plus stocking. One gift they need, one gift they want, one to wear and one to eat. Perfect! Next year I am planning on that as well as limiting other family to buying them only ONE thing. (Sorry, family).

  5. Hey Amanda--

    I read the article in Wonder Time magazine. I can bring it over if you are interested in reading the entire thing. Oh and actually the whole 4 gifts thing was: One gift they want, one gift they need, one gift to wear and one gift to read (not eat!) : ) He-he.

  6. Oh, read is better than eat, but I guess both would work :) I was listening, though!


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