The Old Man

While I was making Christmas cards this morning, I came across this photo from my rock climbing days. Check out the Old Man of the Mountain in the background. This is me rappelling from my climb to Eagle Peak. Ah, to be that fit again!


  1. Wow, great picture Amanda! You were way up there. I tried rockclimbing when I was in COlorado. It is way more difficult than it looks. I am afraid of heights! I got about 25-30 feet up but it was awesome. I would love to try it again for sure!

  2. Awesome shot...I'm trying to imagine how someone could take the photo without holding on....too scary for me! You should frame this picture to remember the old man...and the old you too--who is just as strong and courageous today in my estimation.

  3. Christa - I am also afraid of heights, but when I'm climbing the fear goes away. It's when I reach the top that I would start to shake, or cry. But I loved it and hope to take it up again when the kids are older!

    Kim - Thanks ;)

  4. What a cool picture Amanda! I am waaay too afraid of heights to ever even try it. Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are. Sorry I missed it.



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