A Night Off

Well, Olivia is 19 months old and tonight is her very first sleep away. My Dad graciously offered to take both kids for the first time and I am so grateful. I am imagining all the things I might be able to accomplish, not to mention some much needed (ahem) snuggle time with my darling hubby! While I am excited, I am also a little sad. I wonder if Olivia will cry for me in the middle of the night, or Cameron for that matter. I know they are in good hands, and it's only one night. So, I will get off the computer and get down to business!


  1. :-)

    Sounds like a wonderful experience for all!

    We just got our power back so for here, snuggle time is over :-)


  2. Hey Amanda,

    I've had a good time catching up on your blog explosion :) I've yet to catch up myself, but hope to do so this weekend! Love, love, love your cards by the way, you are so creative! I hope you enjoyed your adult time, and have a great weekend!


  3. Amanda

    Well, hope you had wonderful "snuggle time"! THAT is always a good thing! ;)

    I can't seem to find your email address and this probably is not the appropriate venue, but wanted to share that I am now engaged! Yup, after 4 1/2 years! :) :)



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