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On Sunday we spent the day with my parents, again. Some people seem to think we spend every weekend with them, but that's not true. It's usually every other weekend when my Dad doesn't have to work. Yes, we spend a lot of time with them, but they ask and we say yes. They are kind, loving, caring and very generous parents/grandparents, so why wouldn't we spend every moment we can with them? A daughter and her parents have a closer bond sometimes than sons and their parents. Of course, if anyone else asks us to do something with them, we usually say yes too ;)

This particular Sunday was the first Patriots regular season game. After Brady's injury I couldn't stand watching the game anymore, but Damien, of course, can't miss a moment. My parents and I took the kids Coppal House Farm to the corn maze they have there. In prior years (before kids and once when Cameron was 9 months) we went to Davis' Farmland, a much larger maze and a petting zoo. But to keep with our "saycation" idea, we have decided to skip Davis' for a while until the kids are old enough to enjoy it. We usually spend about three hours inside the maze at Davis' compared to 30-45 minutes at Coppal House Farm. As you can see on the Davis' website, their maze is huge, with bridges and lots of other activities inside. It's more expensive to get in and further away, so maybe we'll go again in a few years. I do miss it, though.

I was resistant to the idea at first, because the last time we went I was pregnant with Olivia, very sick and the corn in the maze was dead so you could see right through to the other paths. This year the corn was thick (and I wasn't sick) and we had a really fun time. The theme was dragonflies, as you can see by the photo on their website. There are 11 mailboxes inside and the idea is to find them all in order by answering questions about dragonflies. The right answer sends you in the right direction for the next mailbox. Cameron loved finding the mailboxes, opening it, and "reading" the question to us. We did pretty well answering the questions because we only missed mailbox #5. We found #6, and like the true cheaters we are, we didn't bother going back to find #5. Olivia loved walking, but we pushed her in the stroller most of the time in the maze. Cameron walked for a bit, but liked riding on Grampa's shoulders best.

At the end of the maze there was a small maze made out of hay bales and Cameron thought that was really great! After the first time through he had it memorized.

The weather was, again, gorgeous. Sunny with a cool breeze. I am so looking forward to fall. Keene Pumpkin Festival, apple picking, Sandwich Fair. A fond farewell to summer, but hello fall fun!

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