Food and My Family

Damien started his first day at Tilton-Northfield Fire Department on Monday. Yippee for him, he is so excited! The kids and I are so proud of him. I will post a photo of him in his uniform as soon as I get it together enough in the morning to take one! His schedule is a little weird for the first couple of weeks, so he isn't home for dinner. I am taking this opportunity to experiment with cooking some tasty vegetarian meals.

Monday was a recipe called "Salsa Fry Up". Onion, black beans, frozen corn, salsa and brown rice with some chili powder, cumin and water. That's it, in a pan! It was delicious. I kept some unseasoned rice, beans and corn out for the kids and they both gobbled it right up. The leftovers were used to make burritos for lunch on Tuesday.

Last nights meal was called "Greens, Egg and Rice". This was another one-pan wonder! Saute spinach (or kale or other greens) in a pan with a little oil until tender and push aside. Pour in a mixture of four eggs, one clove crushed garlic, cayenne and salt to taste and scramble. When the eggs start to set fold in the greens. When the eggs are cooked put in a couple cups of cooked brown rice and cook until heated. I served it with sliced apples and cheddar cheese. The kids, my dad and I all LOVED it. The leftovers were made into breakfast burritos this morning. Yum!

Tonight is General's Tofu, tomorrow night is Lentil Herder's Pie (a vegetarian Shepherd's Pie) and Saturday night is Pad Tai. So exciting! I also saw a recipe on Rachel Ray (Cameron and I have been watching that at 6:30 before bed) for an eggplant stew with honey Parmesan polenta. Can't wait to add that to the list!


  1. Everything sounds so yummy! I want to come to your house for dinner. :)

  2. Wow! I am impressed. You are trying some great new dishes. So great.
    (Eli just saw pictures of Cameron and said, "I know Cameron. I see him at a lot of parties. I've seen him at Tom's party.")

  3. I would love for you to post these recipes!!! They sound so yummy :-)



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