Olivia is 10 Months Old Today

Olivia is crawling fast and furious now! She is also an expert at cruising around on furniture and even lets go and stands unassisted for brief periods. Olivia is such a "chill" baby as we like to call her. She can play by herself for longer periods of time and loves to just watch the big kids playing. She is napping on her own, in her crib, twice a day for at least an hour each time, sometimes much more. I had doubts that we would get there with her, but she was ready and it worked! She still sleeps with us at night, but that is OK with us.

While she is "chill" most of the time, she is demonstrating her temper. If we take a toy away from her that she should not have (or anything away from her) she gets this angry "fake" cry going and actually falls on her belly and wails. I just walk away and in an instant she realizes it's not working and moves on to something else. It's hard for me not to laugh out loud at her. I love when I catch her by surprise doing something she knows I have said "no" to. She gives a little start and then reaches out with whatever it is I am going to take away with a sheepish grin on her face.

Olivia eats everything now. She is still breastfeeding, but also eats anything that we are having for our meals. She loves chicken and carrots and grapes. She won't eat baby food from jars anymore. She only wants food she can pick up and feed herself.

Olivia loves to make noise. We don't have many toys that make noise, but she can't get enough of banging on my piano. She can pull herself up to standing and reach the keys and lightly play. Or, we sit her up on the bench and let her pound the keys. She smiles the whole time. Cameron usually joins in as well and we have the whole family around the piano singing and playing together.

I can't believe that I am already planning her first birthday. The time just goes by too fast. I'm so happy with my decision to stay home with Olivia and Cameron. It just doesn't get any better than being able to see them smile and laugh and play and cry all day long.


  1. Every moment...the good and the bad...is amazing. They do grow sooo fast and they learn sooo quickly. I am constantly amazed at just HOW quickly they learn things and that once they do there is no stopping them!! I'm glad you are enjoying your mommy time with them...it really is rewarding!

  2. I love the pictures of Olivia at the piano! She's so beautiful. You must be having so much fun staying at home with them!


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