New Cameronism

Tonight, after I sang Cameron his song, he said, "Mommy, can you get me my red golf ball, and my blue golf ball and my orange golf ball, oh, and Lightning McQueen red and Doc?" I said, "Cameron, that's too many toys to take to bed, I will only get two golf balls." He replied, "No, I don't want golf balls. Can I just have Lightning McQueen red and Doc? But Mommy, I don't want big Doc, I want little Doc. And not the Doc with the stuff all over it, I want the plain Doc." "OK," I replied.
I went downstairs and found his two cars and gave them to Damien to bring up to him. Damien said, "He'll probably tell me these are the wrong ones." I said, "No, hon, he was very specific as to which ones he wanted."


  1. Cameron - you are truly an amazing young boy (even if this is Nana commenting)

    Nana and Grandpa

  2. Cameron is so adorable! He certainly knows what he wants!


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