Seven Months Old

Olivia Mae is seven months today. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. Before she was born, Damien and I thought we knew everything about caring for a baby, but it's funny how much you forget. It all comes back, eventually. But I do find myself thinking, "Okay, now when is she supposed to start crawling?" or "How much cereal should she be eating now?" With Cameron I read the "Your Baby, Week-by-week" almost every day. I think I've opened it twice with Olivia, just to see if she is in the ball park. My Mom and I were with the kids at dinner and the staff came out to sing happy birthday to other customers. They were clapping, so Olivia clapped too. People around us were smiling at her and the waitress came over and said, "She's clapping already?" My Mom asked me if she was early clapping, and I said, "I have no idea." I guess it goes to show you, it doesn't really matter what they do and when they do it because eventually she does, and you say, "Oh, wow, she's clapping now!"

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