Ashley's Pig Roast

The Graduate!

Cameron was a little grumpy when we first got there as it was his nap time. He gave me some great shots of his grumpy face. Uncle Nate had his own grumpy face going. Once we got some food in them and the games started, they had a blast!

Ashley served pulled pork at her graduation party. It was delicious. Cameron had a ton of fun playing croquet and bocce ball. During bocce ball he would pick up the pallino and throw it in the middle of the game.

Oh, yeah, and "Little Amanda" (Meaghan) was there too!

Ashley's step-dad is the Chief of the fire department and they got a med-flight call while we were there. The helicopter flew right into the party. It was pretty neat!

Cameron was so excited. Then they let us all go over and look in the helicopter. Cameron stood next to the helicopter and touched the door. He said, "This is a perfect helicopter." It was too cute!

Olivia was such a good girl, she slept on Nana's shoulder and I got this adorable photo of her catching flies.

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