Worth The Wait

I have still been dealing with my Hyperemesis, so I haven't posted in a really long time. I just wanted to take a minute to show everyone that Cameron still has a Mommy who cares about him. Here are some photos from the last two months. We went to the Boston Museum of Science with Brendan, Kelly and Cole and Tom, Kim and Mia back in March. Then, Easter happened and Cameron got a new Tricycle, which he loves! Then, Spring came and we got to play outside at the park. Hope these photos are worth the wait. Enjoy!!!

Museum Photos

I love these photos of my two men!


Spring at the Playground

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  1. Hello Amanda, Its great to see you made a post. Cameron is as handsome as ever. He is so precious. Those pictures are worth the wait. Glad to see you are feeling good enough to make a post.
    When is the baby due? Take Care Damien's cousin from Louisiana.


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