We're Back!

Hello All! I can't believe how long it has been since I have updated! I am now 15 weeks pregnant and I am feeling absolutey wonderful! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I was able to eat. About two weeks ago I started to feel like I was reaching a turning point in the morning sickness. I went a few days without getting sick and then started to feel like I could eat. I literally did not eat or drink for about four weeks. For those of you who don't know, I was hospitalized five times for dehydration. Finally, the doctor decided we needed something a little more permanent. They put a PIC line in my arm, an IV port that stays there for as long as I needed it. I received home health care for a week to get used to it, and then went back to work and started giving myself my own IV fluids and anti-nausea IV. It was a tough four weeks. Even with the IV fluid and medication, I still felt like I could not eat. The medication that made me feel better made me dizzy and tired. I received a lot of help from both sets of grandparents, which was a blessing. Aunts and uncles were available too. Today, the nurse came to the house and took out the PIC line. I feel great just knowing I am back to my old self.

So last week, after four weeks of malnutrition, when I started to feel like I could eat, I craved roast beef sandwiches and had one every day for three days straight. My body was telling me I needed iron! I ordered from the same restaurant in Concord all three days, and on the third day when I walked in and they said "Hi Amanda!" I felt I needed to explain myself. I said, "Please, don't judge. I'm pregnant and I haven't eaten for three months!" They were very nice!

So, we're back and I have a lot to report! Cameron has been great through this whole ordeal. We have explained to him that Mommy is having a baby and that he will be a big brother. One day, his Grandpa and I were talking about it and I asked, "Cameron, is Mommy having a baby?" He smiled and said, "Yep!" I said, "Cameron, are you going to be a big brother?" He said, "Baby Sister." It was so weird because we have never said we were having a sister, but maybe :)

Yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Brendan and Aunt Kelly's house, we asked Cameron where Mommy's baby is, and he ran over to me with a big smile and said "Belly" and then lifted my shirt, much to my embarassment, to show everyone my belly!

Wednesday was a routine OB checkup. Cameron and Damien came along. The doctor put the fetal doppler on my belly and instantly we heard the heartbeat. The most beautiful and reassuring sound after all we have been through. The doctor said the baby sounds great! He asked Cameron, "Do you hear the baby's heart, Cameron?" Cameron responded, "Train!" He's so cute!

So, enjoy the update of the last month! Thank you all for your love, support, helping hands and words of encouragement!

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