Saving for College

Cameron loves to put money in his bank. When we come home from work or out, we always empty our change into his Dino bank. Now he does it himself. When someone comes in the house he might run over and say, "Money" while he tries to dig in your pockets. If you give him a few coins, when he finishes putting them in the bank, he will come back over and say "More money!" My little entrepreneur! Today, we discovered that we cannot leave him alone while he is filling his bank. Nana, Grandpa and I went into the kitchen while he was putting his money in. (The first time I have ever left him alone doing this). We heard Cameron in the doorway going "Mmmm". Nana said, "Do you have money in your mouth?" He smiled and you could see a nickle. I chased him into the living room and told him that was bad and that money is dirty and he could get hurt. He open his mouth and out fell three pennies, a nickel and two dimes. I know, I'm a bad Mommy!

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